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Welcome, stay and relax

Lyn and Graham Whiteman are the No 1 Authority on Relaxation and what our strategies can mean for your life, your sport, your work, and business.

We love working with relaxation and the potential that can be revealed by living and being in a balanced place.

Balance is the Key that opens the doorway to more… Success abundance, happiness, achievement, performance, the gate can be unlocked…

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“Stress Less More Success For High Achievers”

It is

The Ultimate Guide to Relax your Life and Live your Dreams”

The Bonuses include ‘How to Relax’ and a Copy of Raymond Aaron’s Book.

We are passing on these bonuses, why? Because we want you to get the most out of connecting with Stress Less More Success.

 Stress Less More Success for High Achievers,Welcome to our Book - by Lyn and Graham Whiteman





Relaxation is our field of Knowledge, we have developed strategies and life management pathways that will change your life by you knowing how to stay in balance,

no matter what!

Lyn and Graham Whiteman

Enthusiastic Educators

/ Entrepreneurs  

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Douglas Vermeeren  I really enjoyed the book you gave me in the UK. You guys have some really great insights! “If you're looking to stress less its a great resource”.

Raymond Aaron By following the understandings offered in this book, you not only take care of the smallest to the largest decision-making areas in life, but also add balance for your entire business growth and wellbeing, by creating an environment that allows you to achieve more success. The  Stress Less More Success for High Achievers is a must-read for all businesses, great or small, who wish to improve margins and deliver great service to their customers and clients.  A happy relaxed person creates a happy environment everywhere they go.

The Relaxation Authority Lyn and Graham Whiteman Stress Less More Success, Sport, Business, Spas and Health Recovery

“Life changing experiences when you know that change feels necessary”How to get a stress less more success message through to Lyn and Graham

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